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Town house E3

Town house E3
Energy label
The heat source for this house is
provided by an air-to-water heat pump
Heat pump
219,1m2 Usable area of the house
138,3m2 Built up area
362,1m2 Plot
126,1m2 Garden

The authors of this house are architects Baumschlager Eberle Architekten & Pavel Hnilička Architects + Planners. This type of house has an exciting layout.  One half of a floor is always half a floor higher than the other one. The house thus copies the natural shape of the terrain and allows access from the street to the garage and at the same time a comfortable entry to the entrance hall of the house through the front garden, which you can beautify by planting according to your taste.

The garage, partially recessed below the ground level, is large enough for two cars, and its clear height is also sufficient for SUVs. Here, you will also find plenty of space for bicycles, a motor scooter and sports equipment. Some other storage space is located in the adjoining room, which you can use as a hobby room or create your own spa or fitness with direct access to the garden. From the garage, you can walk up without leaving the interior to the entrance hall on the elevated ground floor. Here you can also find one of the kids' rooms with a bathroom, study room and a laundry area. 

The spacious living room is another half floor up, and it offers direct access to the generous garden. Thanks to its cascading arrangement, it provides more privacy, and it also extends your living area with surrounding nature. On the adjoining mezzanine floor, there is one children’s bedroom with a bathroom and a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and closet.

This house is oriented to the quiet green park of top’rezidence Pomezí, which will be created according to the design by the well-known landscape and garden architect Štěpánka Šmídová. 

House plot

House plot

Position within project

Position within project

Note: Areas of individual rooms are for reference only. The furniture and kitchen unit shown are not part of the apartment. The floor formatting shown is only a graphic symbol.

Street with a character

Street with a character

The architects designed these buildings as a cascading relief of house facades, which, together with the greenery, form a modern street where it will be a pleasure to live. All the houses have front gardens, which provide a transition between the private and public space. Thanks to the fact that the garages are put into the partially sunken underground, the level of the living area reaches half a floor above the street. It is therefore easy to see out of the house, but not from the street to the interior. The view out of the living floors is essential for the safety in public spaces. The windows of the living areas, in this case especially of the kitchens, are, thanks to the direct social control, the best guarantee of the safety and feeling of well-being on the street. The plots in front of the houses are partially fenced and equipped with a gate, a communication board and a mailbox, and the part in front of the garages is open. The street will thus retain a friendly community character, which is very important for the development of good neighbourly relations.

View of the park

View of the park

Most of the Type E terraced houses are oriented, by their gardens, towards the view of the inner park. Other houses have their gardens oriented directly to the public greenery of the surrounding Košíře-Motol Nature Park. The family houses are arranged so that the inhabitants of each of them could have a feeling of privacy in their gardens, and thus they will feel a desire to use them. The inner park and the surrounding public and private greenery are formed both by the original mature trees as well as new plantings. The author of the greenery design, landscape architect Štěpánka Šmídová of the ŠMÍDOVÁ LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS studio, strived for a maximum connection to the local natural conditions and for the preservation of the existing valuable natural elements.



The floor plan and height arrangement of the houses and pieces of land in the gradually receding cascades helped to create outdoor terraces and gardens with an increased emphasis on privacy. The small gardens correspond to the urban way of life, which is predominantly characterized by relaxation and rest. In the case of the houses facing the inner park, these gardens allow an open view towards Ladronka and Strahov, and at the same time they are more protected from what is happening at the neighbour's.

Gardens as an extension of the living room

Gardens as an extension of the living room

The outdoor terraces and gardens of all the terraced houses are conceptually designed as an extension of the main living space. The perfect connection of the interior with the exterior is achieved by means of the large-format glass windows and doors. The outdoor wooden terraces allow plenty of space for a dining table and outdoor seating, the terraced gardens provide nice views of the surroundings.

All pictures in the top' rezidence Pomezí, development project, their parts or accessories are only illustrative. This representation of the project, or any part thereof, or together with any information provided regarding the residential and non-residential premises in the project, is not an offer to conclude any legal action or a commitment or commitment to conclude such legal proceedings. The final external and internal visual appearance of the entire object as well as any part of it and the materials or products used may differ from the representation of the project on this website. The design of the project can be further refined or changed in the contractual documentation concluded with the bidder.

In the event of a dispute, the consumer is subject to out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, another body authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

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