top´rezidence POMEZÍ - Construction News

20.05.2019 top´rezidence POMEZÍ - Construction News

Greetings from the mountain Vidoule in Košíře and we are bringing the latest news from the project manager from Metrostav Division 9, which ensures the current construction of the first 4 apartment houses top´rezidence Pomezí.

Currently, the construction of the reinforced concrete structures, the realization of the object N1 - N4, is currently in progress. A complete foundation of all N1 - N4 buildings is carried out, backfills are carried out within the framework of subsequent earthworks.

Gas, water and sewer connections / lines are being completed and will be completed by the end of 06/2019. The water line is connected to the street internal network. Work on internal lining will begin at the end of May.