Apartment detail

Apartments G3.1.1
5+kitchenette187,6m21st floor

List of area

01 corridor 16,0 m2
02 study 14,1 m2
03 bedroom 21,3 m2
04 bathroom 4,1 m2
05 wc 2,4 m2
06 bathroom 6,2 m2
07 room 18,5 m2
08 room 19,1 m2
09 staircase 7,6 m2
10 corridor 2,4 m2
11 chamber 3,7 m2
12 chamber 14,7 m2
13 wc 2,2 m2
14 living room + kitchen 52,1 m2
Usable area 184,3 m2
Floor area 187,6 m2
15 balcony 10,3 m2
16 terrace 3,6 m2
17 terrace 4,0 m2
18 terrace 7,7 m2
19 terrace 13,5 m2
20 front garden 157,5 m2
Total area 384,2 m2

To each apartment unit belongs a cellar, a garage space or a parking slot.

Note: Areas of individual rooms are for reference only. The furniture and kitchen unit shown are not part of the apartment. The floor formatting shown is only a graphic symbol.

View from apartment G3.1.1

View from apartment G3.1.1

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