townhouses type D townhouses type D

townhouses type D

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townhouses type E

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townhouses type F

Villa Alfa

Villa Alfa



Stage 2 project standards

Standards at top'rezidence are above-standard

The terraced houses are low-energy and feature recuperation units with an enthalpy exchanger, which recuperates not only heat but also humidity. The standard includes electrically operated outdoor blinds or outdoor roller blinds, a gas boiler, rainwater storage tanks to be used for watering and preparation for photovoltaic panels. All the houses also allow control via the smart home application and the use of premium (above-standard) packages.

For more information on the standard for each type of property, please click on the type below and view the PDF file.

All pictures in the top' rezidence Pomezí, development project, their parts or accessories are only illustrative. This representation of the project, or any part thereof, or together with any information provided regarding the residential and non-residential premises in the project, is not an offer to conclude any legal action or a commitment or commitment to conclude such legal proceedings. The final external and internal visual appearance of the entire object as well as any part of it and the materials or products used may differ from the representation of the project on this website. The design of the project can be further refined or changed in the contractual documentation concluded with the bidder.

In the event of a dispute, the consumer is subject to out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, another body authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

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